ILS-CEO-Jeff Crane
Jeff Crane – President & CEO

Our values are the core foundation shaping Ingenious Life Solutions (ILS), helping to guide, unite, differentiate and sustain us.

They are integral to everything we do and are the standard we have set for Ingenious Life Solutions

These values are reflected in our behaviors, actions and how we interact with this great ILS community.

We have built Ingenious Life Solutions around our Mighty Humanitarian Mission

To provide life mitigation and life saving solutions that can improve and protect the overall health of everyone who is made aware of the problem. The EMF Shield was created as a protection protocol to shield uninformed individuals and their families of the harmful EMF and RF radiation that we are exposed to primarily from 3,4 and now 5G towers.

Our category creating nutritional line, backed by 1998 Nobel Prize Winning Science will allow our affiliates to impact the quality of life for all people of all nations.

Our business activities and Partner Relationships are built with Integrity and Respect. We are passionate about putting  People Before Profits, delivering on our promises and providing the very best Ingenious Life Solutions possible.

Let’s Save a Million Hearts & Lives!